Welcome to Esan Grammar School, Uromi, Edo State


Our History

Esan Grammar School, Uromi, was uncommon and distinguished at birth, on the 24th September, 1956.

Our Crest

Central to the badge is the triangle, the symbol of the Blessed Trinity, the Godhead to Whom we must look

Our Alma Mater

Learn about the formation of Esan Grammar School Old Boys Association (EGSOBA)

Welcome to Esan Grammar School

As you may know, Esan Grammar School is the first community Grammar School to be established to accelerate the educational advancement of Esanland in the second half of the 1950s. its original founding name was Ishan Grammar School, popularly known as IGS Uromi.

Mr Francis, D.D. Okoh

National President, Old Boys Association

Our VISION is to equeath to the posterior generations of Esan Grammar School students an institution with up-to-date learning facilities for academic excellence, to become the MODEL SECONDARY SCHOOL in Edo State.

"Our academic foundation was complemented by a sound moral upbringing..."

Julius I. Odigie, First National President, EGSOBA

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